Ardmore A.F.C. 3 - 7 Mogeely F.C.

Caden Harte and Sean Morgan display great form with two goals each as Mogeely F.C. claim victory against Ardmore A.F.C..
9th placed Ardmore A.F.C. were beaten at home by 7th placed Mogeely F.C. at Dysert Park at 6:30 pm

Ardmore A.F.C. have yet to win at home.
Form: W L L L L L L L L W L

Mogeely F.C.
Form: W L L L L L W L L W

Scorers: (Mogeely F.C.) Caden Harte (2), Sean Morgan (2), Joshua Vaughan, Colin Murphy, Cian Ryan

Ardmore A.F.C. v Mogeely F.C.
Great Start for Mogeely U13s
WWEC 13 05/09 18:30
Ardmore A.F.C. 3 - 7 Mogeely F.C.

Competitive match at Dysert Park on a cool evening with goals a plenty. Sean Morgan and Caden Harte with two goals apiece and Joshua Vaughan, Cian Ryan and Colin Murphy also on the scoresheet for the away side.

Liam Higgs got 2 goals for Ardmore.

First game on big pitch for bothe sides, Ardmore ran out of steam against a stronger Mogeely side who had players to bring on. Ardmore played well and were unlucky not to have scored a few more goals. Vanessa Curley doing her first official game as referee did very well.

05/09/2018 21:38
Current League Position
Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Ballybridge United
Ardmore A.F.C.
Valley Rangers
Ardmore A.F.C.
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Valley Rangers
Cappoquin Railway F.C.
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Cappoquin Railway F.C.
Mogeely F.C.
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7Mogeely F.C.93062740-139
9Ardmore A.F.C.91081645-293

This competition head to head
05/09/18 6:30 pmArdmore A.F.C.37Mogeely F.C.Dysert Park

Club Fixture History
18/02/23 10:30 amMogeely F.C.62Ardmore A.F.C.Edward Pollard Stonework U14B League
21/01/23 11:30 amArdmore A.F.C.14Mogeely F.C.Edward Pollard Stonework U14B League
14/01/23 11:15 amMogeely F.C.03Ardmore A.F.C.Absolute Contracting Ltd 13B League
01/10/22Mogeely F.C.14Ardmore A.F.C.U9 Academy SSG
22/05/22 11 amMogeely F.C.30Ardmore A.F.C.Round Tower Hotel Ardmore Under 14 Cup
18/05/22 7 pmMogeely F.C.30Ardmore A.F.C.Nissan Motors Fermoy Under 12 Cup
05/03/22 12:30 pmArdmore A.F.C.15Mogeely F.C. PREM - ED Under 15 League
22/01/22 12:45 pmArdmore A.F.C.24Mogeely F.C. PREM - ED Under 15 League
17/10/21 11:30 amMogeely F.C.38Ardmore A.F.C.PREM - ED Under 13 League
16/10/21 2 pmMogeely F.C.21Ardmore A.F.C.PREM - ED Under 12 League
27/09/20 3:30 pmMogeely F.C.35Ardmore A.F.C.Under 14 League
26/09/20 2:30 pmMogeely F.C.33Ardmore A.F.C.Under 12 League
07/03/20 11 amMogeely F.C.32Ardmore A.F.C.East Cork Oil Aglish Branch Under 16 League
25/01/20 11 amArdmore A.F.C.22Mogeely F.C.East Cork Oil Aglish Branch Under 16 League
30/11/19 11 amMogeely F.C.00Ardmore A.F.C. Under 13 League
15/05/19 7 pmMogeely F.C.42Ardmore A.F.C.U13 Cup
04/02/17 3 pmMogeely F.C.61Ardmore A.F.C.East Cork Oil Aglish Branch Under 13 League
14/01/17 12 pmMogeely F.C.70Ardmore A.F.C.DB Sports Tours Under 13 Cup
16/04/16 11 amArdmore A.F.C.36Mogeely F.C.Aura Leisure Centre Youghal Under 12 League 2015/16
25/10/15 11 amArdmore A.F.C.24Mogeely F.C.Aura Leisure Centre Youghal Under 12 League 2015/16
Ardmore A.F.C.30Mogeely F.C.Absolute Contracting Ltd 13B League

Recent Results in this competition
Ardmore A.F.C.
30/03/19 11 amBallybridge United04Ardmore A.F.C.
13/04/19 11 amValley Rangers21Ardmore A.F.C.
02/03/19 11 amArdmore A.F.C.13Ballybridge United
16/02/19 12:45 pmArdmore A.F.C.02Cappoquin Railway F.C.
02/02/19 11 amArdmore A.F.C.05Inch United
19/01/19 11 amClashmore Ramblers F.C81Ardmore A.F.C.
Mogeely F.C.
Kilworth Celtic B03Mogeely F.C.
30/03/19 11 amCappoquin Railway F.C.50Mogeely F.C.
02/03/19 11 amMogeely F.C.34Kilworth Celtic
16/02/19 3 pmClashmore Ramblers F.C20Mogeely F.C.
10/11/18 3 pmLismore A.F.C.80Mogeely F.C.
13/10/18 11 amMogeely F.C.18Cappoquin Railway F.C.
Referee Statistics

Ardmore A.F.C.Mogeely F.C.
Liam Higgs1
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Caden Harte2
Cian Ryan3
Colin Murphy8
James O'Donovan3
Joshua Vaughan4
Sean Morgan3
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