WWEC Schoolboy Rulebook 2015-2016

1. League to be called and advertised as the ?West Waterford East Cork Schoolboy League?. For media and shirt logo purposes it may be shortened to WWEC Schoolboys/WWECSL.

2. A complete Fixture List will be drawn up by the Fixtures Secretary before the start of the season and unless agreed to by both clubs and the Fixtures Secretary, all ties to be played as fixed.

3. Games during any season will be played on a home and away basis.

4. All clubs must provide their own playing pitch.

5. Goal nets must be used for all matches and must be supplied by the home team, with whom the responsibility of providing corner flags and marking the pitch rests.

6. Any objection to the ground, goal posts, goal nets, ball or colours must be lodged at least ten minutes before kick-off. The referee shall have the power to put such grievances right, to the satisfaction of the team making the objection.

7. In the case of unfavourable weather conditions being forecast, games may be called off en masse by the Chairman or Fixtures Secretary. These games shall then be played on various dates at some point during the season, be it at their original venues or at agreed venues elsewhere by agreement of both clubs involved.

8. A pitch shall be deemed unplayable on the inspection of a referee two hours before commencement of game, home side to immediately notify opposition, match referee and Fixtures Secretary if game cannot take place.

9. For a game to commence and finish, both teams must have a minimum of seven players (7) each.

10. Teams can be brought up to full strength at any time during the game.

11. In the event of a home team not fulfilling a fixture, a fine of ?50 (euros) will be imposed. Payable within two weeks of unfulfilled fixture.

12. In the event of an away team not fulfilling a fixture, a fine of ?50 (euros) will be imposed. Payable within two weeks of unfulfilled fixture.

13. In the event of two teams registering the same colours, the home team shall change when such clubs meet in competition. If the home club is unable to change then whichever of the two clubs has worn the colours the longer will play in said colours. If no agreement is forthcoming after above then match will be re-fixed for a later date. The determination of whether both teams jerseys are too close in similarity for a game to be properly officiated will rest solely with match referee.

14. Teams and substitutes shall wear numbered jerseys ranging from 1 > 17. Both teams to have at least one match ball (with correct pressure) available for every game. Balls are to be of a size appropriate to the age group being played as per described on the referees match card.

15. A panel of players must be given to the match referee prior to commencement of game. Referee match fee to be paid by both home and away sides before commencement of game.

16. A substituted player cannot resume playing at any time of the game unless the specific game is taking place in a context where such a ?roll on roll off? system of play is allowed. Any such ?roll on roll off? system has to be fully relayed to the match official prior to kick off if there is any doubt.

17. The match referee will check all players studs and shin guards before commencement of game. Players will not be allowed to play wearing trainers, caps or hats (goalkeepers excepted), watches or dangerous jewellery items. Players may wear gloves if unfavourable weather is a factor. Any player wishing to play wearing a surgical plaster cast on any part of their body may do so only with the permission of match referee and of opposing team.

18. The referee when booking or sending off a player shall ask his full name and shirt number. Number must correspond with name and number on match card. He will then show yellow or red card as is appropriate to the occasion.

19. Any player sent off (for two yellow cards) shall receive a one match ban to be served after the next delegate meeting of the Schoolboy League. The frequency of such delegate meetings will have been determined at most recent AGM of the League. Any player sent off (straight red card) shall receive an automatic one match ban. All suspensions are to be served at the age group in which the player was playing at the time of the issue of the card/cards.

20. Any player sent off for a second time during a season shall receive an immediate two match ban along with a fine of ?25 (euros), payable within two weeks of offence. A third sending off in a season shall incur an immediate three match ban along with a ?50 (euro) fine, payable within two weeks of offence. If a player is sent off for a fourth time in any one season, said player is immediately suspended for the remainder of the season and player is fined ?100, payable within two weeks of offence.

21. A delegate meeting will take place at a frequency agreed at previous AGM of league. Non attendance by any club at these meetings shall result in a fine of ?30, payable by any non-attending club(s) within two weeks of meeting.

22. The P.R.O. of the League must be notified of all match results within three hours of game concluding. Both clubs to return match result by text message only to designated League phone, no phone calls and no email. Failure to do so will result in both participating clubs being fined ?10 (euros) each, payable within two weeks of said match.

23. If a play - off is needed to decide any position in a league table (including top), the play - off match shall take place at a neutral venue.

24. The Fixtures Secretary shall propose a venue(s) for any League or Cup Finals during a season but must receive the backing of a delegate meeting to proceed with the arranging of said finals. Upon receiving permission from aforementioned delegate meeting the Fixtures Secretary shall then have the authority to fix dates, officials, kick - off times etc for such Finals until such Finals are played and concluded.

25. The following League officials shall not have a delegate vote on any matter relating to their own club. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, P.R.O. A separate delegate from his/her club has to be in attendance to cast a vote.

26. All players participate at their own risk. The West Waterford East Cork Schoolboy League disclaims all responsibility for any accident or loss arising out of a players participation in any West Waterford East Cork Schoolboy League competitions.

27. No player shall play for two (2) clubs during the same season without first getting a release from his original club and satisfying all valid claims for that club. The player and both clubs involved in any transfer must have said transfer registered and cleared as correct and above board by the WWEC Schoolboy Registrar prior to the player playing for his new club. There will be a transfer administration fee of ?20 to be paid to the League by the player?s new club prior to the player playing for that club. No transfer may take place after December 31st during any given season. Players from other leagues may not be registered with the WWEC Schoolboy League unless they have been properly released by their previous league and such application for WWEC Schoolboy League registration is made before December 31st of any given season.

28. Protests regarding player eligibility must be sent to the League Secretary by registered post within seven (7) days (Sundays excluded) after date of cause of protest. Date of postmark will be taken as date of posting and protest must be accompanied by a deposit of ?10, which shall be returned if the protest is upheld or not heard. Protests must state clearly the grounds on which the protest is based, quoting relevant rule(s) number.

29. In the case of a protest, the League - in the person of the Registrar - shall have the have the power to call upon any such player indicated in protest, the club to which he belongs or the club for which he played; to prove he is qualified under the rules of the WWEC Schoolboy League. Failing satisfactory proof regarding the players eligibility being forthcoming, any game in which said player participated previous to the protest shall be awarded to the opposing club ? along with points and progression if Cup games - if player under protest was part of a team which won or drew said games. The offending club which was found to have played an illegal player will also be penalised, consisting of a fine of ?250 payable within ten days. Increased to ?350 if not paid within ten days.

30. Appeals will be heard in relation to Rule 26 only upon receipt of a written appeal being lodged with the lodged Secretary within seven days of judgement. Appeals to be accompanied by appeal fee of ?25. The written appeal must clearly state the grounds on which the appeal is being sought.

31. Application for membership. Applications by clubs for admission to the League must be made in writing to the League Secretary no later than August 1st each year.

32. The League shall reserve the right to refuse any application for membership and to suspend, expel or otherwise deal with any club, club member, or official for failing to obey an order or decision made by the League, or whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the interests of the League. If the League considers that the entry of a new club to the League shall have a serious effect on any aspect of clubs already members, then the League shall take this into consideration before allowing any new members.

33. The contribution made by existing clubs shall be fairly weighed up against any contribution a new club may or may not bring.

34. The Chairman, or in his absence, the Vice Chairman, shall preside at all meetings of the WWEC Schoolboy League at which he is present and shall conduct the business in accordance with the ordinary rules of procedure of which he shall be the Judge. In the absence of both the Chairman and Vice Chairman from any meeting, delegates may appoint one of their numbers present to act as Chairman for the duration of the meeting. In the case of equality of votes on any motion the presiding Chairman shall have both a casting vote as well as deliberate one.

35. Should the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer absent himself from two successive meetings without leave of absence or a satisfactory reason, the he shall be deemed to have resigned from such position. Delegates may then appoint a new officer for any such position at the earliest opportunity.

36. Poaching. Any club proved guilty of inducing or attempting to induce a bona-fide player or players of another club to join them shall be deemed guilty of misconduct. Fines and/or punishment to be determined by the League.

37. Penalty for late start. A leeway of ten minutes shall be granted to each club. If after twenty minutes a club fails to field a team the points then the match and any points attached to it are awarded to the other club. The club failing to field on the day are also fined ?25, payable within ten working days.

38. Unfinished matches. If through any cause whatsoever a match has been abandoned before the completion of the full period of time, the League shall have at their discretion to either; replay the match in its entirety, play the balance of time that was left to play when abandoned, or award the game to either of the clubs involved. A sharing of points if a league match can also be an option if agreeable by all other clubs in the league.

39. Referees shall be appointed by the Fixtures Secretary or Referees Secretary. In the absence of the appointed referee the two clubs may agree to the appointment of another official WWEC referee or club referee (if either side object then game is postponed). In the event of any referee being unable to attend at an appointed match, he should notify the Fixtures Secretary and Referee Secretary as early as possible.

40. Complaints against officials. Complaints against match officials shall be dealt with by the League.

41. Intimidation by spectators. When it can be proven to the satisfaction of the League Management Committee that the partisans/supporters of a club systematically interfere with the play of the opposing club by using obscene language, or inciting their team to use violent play towards their opponents etc, then, on application of the team being so discommoded, the League shall have the power to order the match to be replayed at a neutral venue or award the match to either of the two teams. The Referees report for any such game shall be consulted but will not be the sole determining account used to arrive at any decision thereafter. Any club found guilty of said offence shall be dealt with by the League Management Committee by way of fines, suspension or both.

The League Committee decision is final in all matters not generally covered in these rules !

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